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Have your digital proposal checked like in an evaluation!

Receive in-depth feedback from experienced Horizon evaluators on your advanced proposal drafts.

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What to expect?

At the full proposal check (FPC) event, you will receive in-depth feedback from experienced Horizon Europe evaluators and National Contact Points (NCPs) on your advanced proposal drafts. 

If selected, your proposal will be reviewed by 2 expert evaluators. They will first review individually your proposal and then they will exchanges their opinions like in a consensus meeting. Then, you will be invited to join the meeting where you will have the opportunity to hear the opinions and engage in a discussion about your proposal for a maximum of 1h30.

Your FPC session aims to transfer useful knowledge and increase your chances for funding. 

Participation at the event is for the coordinator (i.e. one person, mandatory) plus one representative from a project partner institution (i.e. one optional person, highly recommended to take notes). In exceptional cases, the coordinator may name a proxy to participate. 
All participating experts and national contact points will have signed a declaration of confidentiality, so you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your research proposal!. 

The FPC service is free of charge for the proposers.




Receive in-depth feedback from experienced evaluators on your advanced proposal drafts

Increase your chances

Boost the quality of your project proposal based on relevant early feedback


All participating experts and NCPs will have signed a declaration of confidentiality

Selection of participants

The selection of the proposals is made case-by-case and based on the completeness of your draft. Indeed, the added-value of the FPC is greater the more complete your proposal is. Therefore we are really inviting interested coordinator to retro-plan the writing of your proposal in order to have an advanced draft (almost completed) by mid-october.

  • By Friday 14/10, end of business day: you must have submitted your advanced draft.
  • Between Monday 17/10 and Tuesday 18/10: the proposals' completeness are reviewed and ranked accordingly.
  • On Wednesday 19/10, by midday, the proposal retained for FPC are allocated to external experts.
  • Between 19/10 and 21/10, the expert evaluators review your proposal.
  • Between 24/10 and 27/10, the FPC consensus meeting will take place.


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Which call topics will be supported?

We welcome advanced proposal drafts for the following call topics:
Ideal-ist is a non-profit network of ICT national contact points (NCP's) ( It is active since 1996 and was established to support ICT companies and research organisations worldwide in their participation in European research programmes.

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